Attilio Zanetti has in his DNA the most authentic goldsmith tradition: in 1956, with the opening of his father’s first jewellery shop, begins the great adventure of the Zanetti family.
Attilio’s training was completed in Valencia at the Istituto d'Arte orafa e design "Benvenuto Cellini", obtaining a specialization in jewellery and gemmology.
His career as a designer is rich in realized projects and participation in events. Some collections such as the "Attila" platinum men’s line, the "Silver Moon" rings in silver and gold, the "harem" and "Sign in diamonds" lines have been documented by the constant attention of the media.


In 1956 Luigi Zanetti decided with enthusiasm to open a small jewellery and watch business for repairs and sale of handmade jewellery.

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In the historic centre of Bardolino, on the beautiful Lake Garda, is our main point of sale, where all our creations are designed and realized, and where you can buy jewelry and watches of the most prestigious brands.

We are waiting for you to see our collections and experience the quality that distinguishes our products.

The collections “custom made” Attilio Zanetti, are the result of passion and research always devoted to creating a unique and immortal heritage of form and beauty.

In his special performances Attilio exalts a creative vein that embraces classical and modern styles, making a current and beautiful dream come true. In the laboratory of Attilio Zanetti, custom-made creations are made to meet the needs and expectations of the customer with innovative solutions of timeless style.

The small and large FORONEFORTWO bracelets are the result of material and finishing techniques co-ordinated with the use of gold and diamonds. The FORONEFORTWO idea forecasts evolution between the combination of carbon, ceramic, titanium and DLC (Diamond Like Carbon). This is a very contemporary mix.

Every precious item from Sign In collection is a small and exclusive work of art made by hand and absolutely made in Italy. Whatever the precious metal used, gold, platinum or silver, or the quality and quantity of stones used, the design and sophistication of the design and construction of the jewel itself makes it a unique and irreplaceable piece of the collection and therefore an indelible sign of time and craftsmanship of the hands that have forged out of it. From the realization of the jewel to the packaging to keep it, studied in detail to create the effect“wow”, the jewel tells its important and unique history.